about me

I stole this blog name from my friend William:

I blame my obsession on all things concerning my vagina on my brand new bachelor’s in Literature from UC Santa Cruz, which taught me how feminism compares to racism compares to globalization compares to popular cultures compares to avant garde art.  My obsession extends itself to my jobs at Broke-Ass Stuart (where I try to use my vagina for monetary gain) and Yelp (where I don’t talk about my vagina but I think about it A LOT).


4 responses to “about me

  1. hahaha you are really running with this tuna slot idea. thinking up names for blogs is really hard. i ended up using something else someone said about me for mine

    • bp

      No kidding. I started blogging at age 14 on deadjournal under the name “fallen_tree.” Because I was angsty and liked nature, or something. Maybe if I’m feeling really masochistic one day I’ll re-blog some choice excerpts.

  2. Janis

    What. The. Fuck.
    Did you drop off the face of the bloggespher? I don’t remember how I found this but I’ve enjoyed reading, or that is I DID enjoy reading what you were putting out there except, well, it’s been a while…
    I read Broke Ass and perhaps I’m reading you under another nome non plume (c’mon it’s the Internet, don’t tell me you still write with a feathered pen) but I MISS READING YOU HERE.
    Ok thanks. I’ll go back to my anxiety insomina attack now.

    • bp

      Wow. This is by far the nicest anonymous comment anyone has ever made about me on the Internet. Usually people are calling me homophobic or stupid, but you know that if you follow my Broke-Ass articles.

      Anyway, yes, this is still my only blog. I haven’t been updating because of said Broke-Ass job and also writing for Yelp, and blah blah so what? Who cares? It is no excuse! So thank you, Janice, for reminding me that I still need to update! Even if I only have one reader! Keep your eyes peeled; there will be good shit to come.

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