things I want but don’t have

Photos from Project Runway‘s finalists at Fashion Week leaked on Jezebel earlier today.  They were courteous enough to not reveal the names of the designers, and I feel like it’s still too early in the season to make any real guesses about who made it to the top three.  So I don’t feel like I’ll be giving anything away by reposting this picture of my fashion inspiration:

I’m not sure if Dodai meant it as an insult or a compliment when she referred to this as a Peter-Pan-meets-Sephora-employee kind of outfit, but I’m obsessed.  I love how it treads the line of being masculinely rough and effeminately beautiful.  It reminds me of a little boy going to school with cute rosy cheeks and a slingshot hidden in his pocket.  I really appreciate women who can dress tough in a less obvious way like this outfit does; the idea of wearing something like a power woman pants suit feels sort of contrived and expected and really does not appeal to me.  This outfit, on the other hand, screams authority in a really nonchalant way.  In short, this is how I want to portray myself.


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