Heroes and Zeros: the Women of Bravo TV

if you have to cry, go outside

I love Kelly Cutrone.

She is so fiercely intelligent and good at her job and really doesn’t care how she comes across on her reality T.V. show (and I suspect in her real life) as long as she gets her job done.  This is an admirable quality for anyone, but especially so for a woman, and ESPECIALLY for a woman working in the fashion industry.  On top of that, she possesses a really keen sense of self-awareness that seems to imply that she knows her profession — at the end of the day — isn’t that important.  Her ultimate motivation for heading a successful fashion PR company is to provide a comfortable lifestyle for herself and her daughter.  She knows that any sort of comfortable lifestyle is never blithely handed over to the average working-class woman; Kelly recognizes she has claw her way to the top and then fight tooth and nail to stay there.  And that sort of no frills, no bullshit, no-holds-barred attitude is a rare quality most women spend a lifetime trying to achieve.

Patti Stanger, on the other hand, is like a heifer that stampedes around the Bravo TV airwaves spreading her mad cow disease.  Aside from the fact that the basis for her show and thus her entire career is a total joke, Patti is shrill, condescending, and perpetuates gender stereotypes that degrade both men and women.  It’s embarrassing to think that Millionaire Matchmaker has become such a cultural phenomenon and that Patti represents a model for the entrepreneurial woman.  What’s even more embarrassing is that she has the audacity to compare herself to Oprah.

haaay girl, lemme borrow that top!



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6 responses to “Heroes and Zeros: the Women of Bravo TV

  1. jenny!

    Did I ever tell you that my cousin’s (now) wife is a matchmaker for rich socially inept types? She makes me want to stab my eyes out. (Things I stole from their wedding: 1. parasol 2. $100 bottle of olive oil 3. scented tea candles 4. 6 wine glasses 5. As much cutlery as I could carry in a clutch.)

    • bp

      I did not know about this! Also, if I had known there were $100 bottles of olive oil floating around a wedding happening so close to my house, I would have crashed it for sure.

  2. its a dress, betch!
    love, patti

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