My Life as Liz

The main difference between My Life as Liz and other scripted MTV reality shows like The Hills is that Kristin Cavallari never claims to be something she’s not. Liz, constantly talking on her iPhone while dressed like an Urban Outfitters mannequin, is obviously not the social pariah she claims to be. Her diatribes where she reams her high school’s popular group for being superficial and blonde are sort of funny and endearing until you realize that she is not being the least bit ironic; she honestly believes 1.) that not being a cheerleader automatically makes her an alterna-teen that is forced to exist within the margins of society, and 2.) that she herself is not being the least bit hypocritical for judging these superficial girls on their looks. I think the purpose of this show is to provide a perspective for angst-ridden youths who feel disenfranchised because they don’t know any better. How, though, can Liz promote any sort of discussion about personal growth and self-discovery when she lacks the self-awareness that would allow us to have the discussion in the first place?


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  1. i agree with everything you just said. with that said, i feel confortable to express my unhealthy i-wish-i-were-still-in-middle-school-so-i-could-publicly-love-this-show attitude toward it. liz kind of reminds me of us back in the day, but with a way better haircut and sans braces/glasses/back brace.

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